Types Of Digital Marketing

The internet is a vast ocean of information. To help you understand and get more clarity about all the different types of marketing out there.

Let’s dive into the various types of marketing that’s available for a beginner to grasp and understand.

Internet Marketing
This is a very broad terminology that encompasses a large variety of marketing strategies and tactics: SEO, social media marketing, influencer marketing, attraction marketing, paid advertising marketing like Facebook and Instagram ads, email marketing and etc.

To do Internet Marketing successfully, you will have to learn to master a few skillset: building a personal brand, driving traffic, and have an irresistible offer that converts. That’s just to name a few things off the top of my head.

Let’s dive into understanding all the various types of digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing
Is using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat to generate curiosity into your personal brand and provide value-based content in your niche. You’ll develop a loyal following and raving fans if your tips and knowledge and provide real results for them. If you want to do social media marketing properly and successfully, you want to dive into building a personal brand and establishing a brand identity. You can dive into my free Internet Marketing member’s area, and see some free content around that.

Search Engine Optimization
If you can master this one skill, you’ll never have a lead or traffic generation problem again. This is one THE best skillset to own and master, as lead and traffic generation is the Achilles heel of any online business. Having Google or Youtube send you a steady stream of free and organic traffic is the best way to ensure, you will have a high steady constant flow of organic and targeted traffic to your site and business. You can go into a lot of depth with this topic area, but I like to keep things simple for most beginners. Get a good keyword research tool, learn how to analyze the competition for that keyword, create unique and high-quality content around those keywords to get the algorithm paying attention to your blog post. Post your content weekly, and consistently. Don’t copy what is out there, as you will be penalized for duplicating content. Stand out from the competition and noise, by having your own unique voice and add value to your audience. Do it consistently and you will slowly build your audience base.

Influencer Marketing
This is a new type of marketing that has cropped up recently, as people on certain social media platforms have gained a massive loyal following for their brand. You can leverage that, by paying them a small advertising price to market to their audience. On Instagram, the price can be as low as $20 for a shoutout. It’s really cheap and effective if you have a small advertising budget to work with and to test out the quality of the traffic from this influencer’s network. I would suggest starting with Instagram, as it has the most user’s engagement of all the social media platform. I would target influencers with 70K-200K followers in the niche that’s most relevant to your product and service.

Attraction Marketing
This is one of my favorite type of marketing because it helps to establish your brand and position you as a leader and authority in your niche. The premise of attraction marketing is personally developing yourself to be a person of value, so people flock to you for advice, help, tips, recommendations, and etc. You are becoming the hunted, instead of the hunter. You are leading by value first, and helping others without expectation of anything in return. To do it successfully, you’ll have to learn the skill set of being a leader or an Alpha (ask Mike Dillard puts it). Mike Dillard the creator and the person that started behind the concept and idea of building a strong and magnetic brand, so people are flocking towards you.

Paid Advertising On Facebook and Instagram
I typically don’t recommend novice or beginners to go this route as it’s much more complex, expensive and a huge learning curve involved. I don’t know why all the leaders promote this strategy to people who don’t have any real solid skills yet. It’s like getting people to sprint when they don’t even know how to crawl yet. If you want to go this route, I would suggest investing in some good courses to understand how to advertise on Facebook, as it’s not that easy to understand. A good course will set you back, $1000 and expect to blow through your advertising budget without getting any real results, because it’s not likely a novice can come online, with no knowledge of advertising, understanding the metrics, how to select the right audience, how to put together an advertising campaign to speak to that audience and expect amazing results.

Email Marketing
The importance of email marketing can’t be neglected and overlooked. As an internet marketer, or if you have aspirations to become one, your email list is everything. Well, to be more concise, it’s the relationship and trust that you have with your list that means everything. It’s the difference between them clicking your emails to read them or just deleting them. If you want to stand out from the noise and all the emails people get, develop your craft of copywriting and understand the psychology of it. Too many beginners are taught to go into email marketing, but not really taught the psychology of writing those emails effectively. In order for your emails to convert, a majority of it is developing that trust with your audience that they would want to consider your recommendations. People don’t realize this, but email marketing is incredibly hard to do, you’re influencing someone to take out their credit card to make a purchase decision without ever meeting you or having a personal meeting with you. That’s an incredibly challenging task to do and it requires a tremendous about of knowledge and skillset. But it’s a skill worth developing and mastering, because an internet marketer, your email list is your distribution channel. Without that skillset, it would be difficult to scale up your business and have it automated.

Here are a few good email autoresponder to consider:

These are all good autoresponders for beginners to start off using and practicing.

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