How To Make Real Decisions & Stick To Them

The key to all successful transformation starts with making a REAL decision. Many people make decisions in their lives, but few people actually stick by them. It is your ability to commit to your decisions and never return to your former way of being, that will allow you to shift your reality permanently.

When I decided I was going to leave my job, and never work for anyone else, I stuck to it. No matter how difficult things got, I just came up with more business ideas to make money. It never once crossed my mind to get a job to fix my financial situation. I’m very happy to make that decision, becuase I’ve been an entrepreneuer for 8-9 years.

When I was unhappy with my body, I made a REAL decision to always stay toned, lean and fit all year round. I did not let distractions, temptations, holidays, or people make me lose my focus. If my weight flunctuated more than 5 lbs, I cleaned up my diet immediately and exercised consistently until my weight return to its ideal weight.

That’s the key to transforming yourself and your life, it is to make that REAL decision, and be STRONG enough to commit to them.

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