How To Increase Facebook Followers

Anyone who’s into social media wants to know how do you increase more facebook followers organically.

That’ the name of the game, right? Increase your popularity, so you can have more of an influence on your audience.

This is especially important if you want to build a brand and a loyal following to support you and follow your work.

Ok, let’s start with the basics. If you want to increase your following. You’ll have to stop doing the following and do these:

1.Stop using Facebook as a personal user
Stop using Facebook as a personal user, thinking your content is just for your friends and family. If you think this way, you’re not going to grow anything, and you are certainly are not going to monetize your account. There are people who are trying to build a network marketing business, but they have no idea how to set up their profile page as a pro user or a brand, then they wonder why no one wants to join their business.

2. Use Facebook as a Pro User and a Brand
Start using Facebook as a professional user and as a brand. Have a nice profile picture. Not one of your pet, or you and your buddy. It needs to be easily identifiable that it is YOU. I hate looking at someone’s account, and you’re trying to figure out who is who. That’s annoying as hell. People’s attention span is very short, so if you make them take 2-3 secs to figure who is the person they are trying to accept. They are mostly not going to want to accept your friend’s request. Make sure your cover image is on point and makes you stand out, or at least make it relevant to your brand and business.

3. Pick a niche
Pick a niche and build a target audience around that niche. If you’re into weight loss for example. It’s best you network with everyone in your network and find out if they have an interest in this topic. If they don’t, remove them from your network, as the content you will be posting should be all geared towards providing value for that niche. The more targeted you can get that audience when you post up that post, your message will get more likes and engagement as it shows that you know what your audience wants.

4. Provide value for your audience
There are enough negativity and advertisement in the world. It makes the world a very noisy and cluttered place. Don’t be another person that post an advertisement post on your Facebook timeline. You will be apart of the noise that no one wants to pay attention too. Give you audience unique and valuable content to consume, and they will start to continue to follow you. Don’t post up generic advice and tips. You will sound like all the others. Really provide some valuable information that is unique, so it will stand out and be liked and commented on. For example, if you are going to give some tips for people to lose weight, don’t tell them to hit the gym 3-5 times a week. Everyone says this advice, maybe tell them to do HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) or intermittent fasting a couple times a week and see how their body respond to it. Give them the most cutting edge and most effective tips, so it gives them results. This is going to require some research on your side.

5. Be Consistent with your posting
It’s imperative that you post daily once a day at least, with you’re really serious about building a brand and a following. No one is going to show up for you if you’re not going to show up yourself. Plus the Facebook algorithm rewards consistency. Aim for 1-2 high-quality posts a day. Keep track of people who are following you and commenting on your work, or giving your likes. If you are inconsistent with your posting, then that’s going to severely affect your reach when you post. Facebook is not going to reward you with the kind of reach if you don’t want to be consistent with your work.

6. Keep your messages positive
There’s so much negativity going on right now. No need to spread more negative posts and rants. It’s not going to help you build that following. No one wants negative posts and rants on their timeline. I’ve had people told me, they want to connect purely because my content is positive and uplifting. And you want to be the source of that upliftment for people.

7. Give them what they want
When posting always keep your audience in mind, and give them what they want. This will help with your engagement and comments too. The key to doing this is to know your target audience better than they know themselves.

8. Give engagement to receive engagement
Make sure you schedule daily 5-10 mins rounds to give engagement on other’s people’s post so you receive them yourself as well. You want to either leave meaningful comments or witty ones. These are usually the best ones that will give you good feedback from the creator of the posts.

9. Network with people in the same niche as you
It’s a good idea to network and meet with people in the same niche as you, being like-minded makes things a lot easier and smoother when it comes to building relationships. Smaller groups are much more responsive than groups with thousands of people. And they tend to have higher quality people as well.

10. Do Facebook Lives
Facebook Lives is a great way to really boost your following, as it makes it very easy and quickly for people to see you and build trust with you. And if you do it consistently, that’s when it will build momentum.

If you implement all these tips, I’m pretty sure you will see a big increase in your engagement and results. I know I did, especially with the facebook lives, it got me a massive boost in my number of followers.