Consultancy Services

Lost, overwhelmed, confused and unsure of where to start and how to begin your project, your creative journey or transforming yourself to be a new version of you?

With an extensive, and wide range in skills and expertise in web design & development, marketing (offline and online), personal and spiritual development. Nyla Nguyen provides consultancy services on a wide range of subject matter so you have clarity on how to proceed with your creative projects or your personal transformational journey.

Internet Marketing
If you have a finished digital product but you’re unsure how to monetize your product. Nyla Nguyen has an internet marketing course that will teach you how to personally brand yourself, build an audience for your brand, will advise you how to segment your market so you can speak specifically to that audience to solve their pains and problems. The course will also teach you the psychology of sales and building relationships with people online (which can be very challenging to figure out). Finally, the course will also show you the steps to become a leader, so you can help and lead others in your niche. If you decide to purchase the course, it comes with a one year bonus mentoring/consultancy (limited spacing).

If you prefer consultancy services as needed, the rate is €100/hr.

Website Design & Development
Nyla Nguyen used to run her own web design business for 5-6 years, first operating out of Los Angeles and then living the laptop lifestyle, living in 9 countries, so this is an area that she’s can provide a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight on how to getting your website done in a cost effective and time efficient way.

If you have an idea or a website you would like to have created, but are usure about the cost and how to go about with the project or idea. This service will give you clarity on where you need to begin the process, and I will guide you each step of the way on how to get your project off the ground. Nyla Nguyen will help as an advisor and project manager so you save an enormous amount of time “trying” to figure out how to do it, you will be expertly led through the entire process. She will also advise on how to select the appropriate team or even make recommendations for a suitable development team for your project.

The consultancy services the rate is €100/hr.

Fitness & Nutrition
Prior to having her web design business. Nyla Nguyen was a personal trainer and fitness competitor. She has indepth knowledge on how to transform and sculpt the body, while having a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

This consultancy service will give you a lot of insight and clarity on how to achieve your fitness and health goals without feeling like you have to make a lot of sacrifices. She will advise on healthy alternative for all your food cravings so you can achieve your fitness and heath goals, and stil enjoy your food.

The consultancy services the rate is €150/hr.