Ad Copy Pros Review Before You Join

An Accurate and Honest Ad Copy Pros Review

This is a very thorough, accurate and insightful Ad Copy Pros review to help people make an informed decision if this is a system and opportunity that they want to join and promote.

What is Ad Copy Pros (aka ACP)?

Ad Copy Pros is a marketing system that sells digital product pertaining to pre-written ad copies, email swipes, attention-grabbing headlines and Facebook posts. These are templates you can use to re-sell their marketing system. But you can also edit and modify their templates to promote other products and services.

For inexperienced marketers, it’s very helpful to learn how effective ad copies are created. The system also shows which words are persuasion triggers so you can use them to develop your own effective ad copies. If you join the right team, the marketing knowledge, training and experience you will gain from the team leader, worth more than the $135 cost of the system. Considering the average cost for a very good internet marketing course is $500 – $1000.

There are 2 marketing packages available for purchase

ACP Package #1 – cost $25
25 Persuasion Trigger Words
70 Headlines That Is Designed to Grab Attention
8 FB Posts & Twitter Tweets
6 Email Swipes
The ability to earn $25 when you re-sell the package.

ACP Package #2 – cost $100
Includes ACP Package #1,
Ability to add a 3rd party autoresponder
Ability to set banners with their own affiliate program
Ability to set their own videos.
Lead capture pages
Tracking and Pixel installation and capabilities
The ability to re-sell and make $25 & $100 commissions

Who is the owner?
The owner is TJ Holloway. TJ Holloway created this system and program to help people make extra income working from home that is a “done for you system” with a low-cost entry to join. It’s designed to be beginner friendly, so people do not need to have a lot of marketing and selling knowledge to achieve success online.

TJ Holloway is a hardworking person, even with the death of his grandma, he barely took time off to bereaved the death of his family member. As one can imagine, going through a family death is a very challenging time to focus on work, but he managed and I have to give him credit for that. People who have not joined the program but are writing negative, biased and slanderous reviews, these reviewers are inexperienced and uninformed, and should not be writing reviews. They are doing other people a disservice by providing inaccurate information. Potential buyers reading reviews want to get accurate information to make a fast and informed decision. That’s the purpose of a review, but if the reviewers of the website haven’t joined to actually test drive the product, evaluate the program or gotten to know the owner, those reviews are nothing but junk reviews and ought to be dismissed.

Is the owner a good person and can be trusted?
TJ has the best of intentions to make sure people are earning with the product and system. He actually created the system to help people struggling to make ends meet.

There are sites reporting that the owner is Pamela James, that information is incorrect. That’s the person who the domain is registered to, but not the owner of the system. These uninformed reviewers haven’t done thorough research or have gotten involved themselves, or else they would have known who the owner of the system.

The extent of their research is looking up a domain look up. If the people writing reviews haven’t gotten involved and haven’t gotten any experience being in the program, those reviews were written by unqualified people.


  • “Done-For-You” system that is low cost to invest, $135
  • It’s a one time fee, with no recurring monthly cost
  • It has the potential of making residual income due to the Reverse 1 compensation plan.
  • All customers who have purchased their marketing packages from you, have to pass up their 2nd sale to the sponsor (which is you). It is a one time pass up for the $25 and $100 packages.
  • All customers that are passed up to you, also have to pass up their 2nd sales, and it goes on infinitely. So there is a huge incentive for the team leader to help their team succeed.
  • It is a digital product, so need to pay for any shipping cost
  • It’s viral and fast converting. Get it in front of the right prospect, and this will convert very quickly
  • Receiving immediate and direct payments via PayPal or any merchant of choice (western union, money gram, stripe, and etc.)
  • 100% commission of $25 and $100 unlimited
  • Global opportunity
  • Very easy for beginners to promote and get results (once they are properly trained how to do so)


  • The site is slow due to the massive growth. The site is being switched to new servers.
  • The domain, has been blocked by Facebook and Google, as many inexperienced people spam the domain posting it unwisely all over the internet (without proper internet marketing training). But the system is getting a new domain, so it will not be blocked again.
  • There are some bugs and glitches right now with the system, but these are solvable if people log out and log in a couple of times to re-attempt to get to the correct dashboard area.
  • The sales video focused heavily on the compensation plan, and not enough on the product so users are not seeing the value of the product.
  • The marketing approached shared in the sales video is copying and pasting, which to an inexperienced marketer will lead to spamming.
  • When you send payment, it’s being sent to the wrong person. You can get around this, by asking the prospect to you directly, via PayPal, and you activate them in the back area manually to avoid all the glitches.
  • Is it a scam?

    No, there is a digital product involved and there is value in learning persuasion trigger words, writing ad copies, catchy headlines and having effective ad copies pre-written for you as templates.

    How do you make money with the system?
    You make 100% commission off the re-sell of the digital marketing packages. You need to pay $10 licensing fee to be able to participate and re-sell the products.

    It is a one time fee of $25, $100 and $10 licensing fee. If you want to make a commission on both packages, you will need to buy the $25 and the $100 package. If you only buy the $25 package, any sales made on the $100 will be passed up to your sponsor.

    Should you join?

    It depends. If you can find a good sponsor that has good training so you are not spamming people, then you can have a lot of success with this opportunity. They will teach you the proper internet marketing strategies and approach to ensure you will succeed.

    If you are not careful with selecting the correct sponsor that is going to help, lead and guide you, it is 99.9% you will fail as you will not know how to approach people, how to share the opportunity in a respectful and professional way.

    The system has a very HIGH potential to make people a lot of money, but it really boils down to getting the proper training, learning how to market effectively, joining a good sponsor’s team that will show you how to do it right, starting from the gecko.

    If you haven’t found a good sponsor yet, do not rush to join the program and try to re-sell the marketing packages on your own, you will struggle to make any money with it, as many novices will find out the hard way when it comes to marketing any type of digital product online.

    If you would like to join a good team, led by a strong leader that is professional and knows their stuff with internet marketing, I am the team lead for #TeamProsperity. You can join my team here.